Darrell Hanley

UI Design & Web Development

With a specialization in responsive web design & mobile, I build functional systems designed to work across platforms and device types.

Who I am

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Darrell Hanley is a UI Designer and Web Developer with a specialization for mobile and responsive design.

Darrell is well versed in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as having working knowledge of PHP and Python. Skilled with the Adobe Creative Cloude range of software, as well as version control tools Git and SVN.

What I do

Darrell builds interfaces that work across a variety of screen types and sizes. Darrell creates experiences that are fluid on desktop, mobile, or special interfaces such as Televisions or Kiosk monitors

In addition, Darrell creates UX Patterns, UI layouts, lo-fi and high-fi mock ups, working HTML based prototypes, and production ready code.